Discovering Our Relationship with Water

Rose HoneyDesigned for use in pre-school education, “Discovering Our Relationship with Water,” has been authored by curriculum designer Rose Honey. This is a six-week unit that you are welcome to modify to your own time frame and to scaffold for other age groups.  Rose writes: “Water connects us to everything and everyone on the globe.  Honoring water helps children build a reciprocal and respectful relationship to water.”

And here are the individual components:


My Story


Curriculum Design Approach

Honoring Tribal Legacies Standard (The “Eleventh” Standard)

Common Core Standards

Curriculum Expressions

Lesson Plans

1. Connections                                                                                                                     The Water in Our Community

2. Balance                                                                                                                            Sinking and Floating

3. Transformation                                                                                                            Gas, Liquid, and Solid

4. Cycles                                                                                                                           The Movement of Water

5. Reciprocity                                                                                                                 Happy and Healthy Water

6. Relationships                                                                                                            Plants, Animals, and Water

Resources and Bibliography