We are currently providing links to videos hosted at the University of Montana for the Tribal Legacy Project that came out of the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail. This was the forebear to the current effort, Honoring Tribal Legacies. We are proudly building upon the stunning collection of Native voices and perspectives gathered in the Tent of Many Voices during that 2004–06 observation of the coming of Europeans to what is now the western United States two hundred years earlier, reflecting on the way things were prior to that contact, what was the nature of the encounter, and what were the lasting effects.  See, for example, the memory of Gerard Baker (Mandan Hidatsa).

Videos by Theme

Since Time Immemorial

Traditional Culture

After Lewis and Clark

Contemporary Life

Looking to the Future

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Lower Missouri River

The Dakotas

Intermountain and Upper Missouri River

Columbia Country