Alisha Deegan





Alisha Deegan (Hidatsa/Sahnish) is an Indigenous Liaison to the Honoring Tribal Legacies project, but she also works full time as the Acting Chief Interpreter and Site Manager at the Knife River Indian Villages site. Alisha was interviewed by Erik Holland about her role in Story Corps, as she is an advocate of stories and oral tradition, in general. She is a member of the Council for Indigenous Relevancy, Communication, Leadership, and Excellence (CIRCLE). She is also involved with Hands on the Land (HOL), a network of field classrooms stretching across America from Alaska to Florida. HOL is sponsored by Partners in Resource Education, a collaboration of five Federal agencies, a non-profit foundation, schools, and other private sector partners. The point is to educate people about public lands, which comprise about one-third of all land in the United States. Alisha will share her cultural knowledge when we visit that and other sites in the area relating to the origins of the tribes with which she is affiliated.