A Thousand Celilos

Shana Bron

Designed for use in the fourth grade, “A Thousand Celilos: Tribal Place Names along the Lewis and Clark Trail,” has been authored by curriculum designer Shana Brown (Yakama). This is designed as a four-week reading unit of study.


And here are the individual components:

Dear Teachers


My Story


Curriculum Design Approach

Selected Common Core State Standards

Curriculum Expressions

Lessson Plans

Lesson Plan 1                           

Refining Reading Skills and Understanding the Value of Place Names

Lesson Plan 2 

Comparing Past and Present: Comparing Cultural Practices and Beliefs

Lesson Plan 3

Gathering Data and Determining Author Purpose and Structure: How Cultural Values Impact Places

Lesson Plan 4

Using a Critical Eye to Analyze Source, Draw Conclusions, Make Inferences, and Theorize about Events, People, and/or Ideas

Lesson Plan 5   

Synthesizing Information for Presentation