Other Videos


Honoring Tribal Legacies in North Dakota,” a two-minute documentary by Justin Deegan about an elementary-school lesson taught on the Turtle Mountain Reservation in May 2018.  The activity was organized by HTL curriculum designer Dr. Carmelita Lamb.

Honoring Tribal Legacies, 2014
Documentary by Emily Afanador, on YouTube

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail: Partnerships for the Future
16-minute documentary that includes the National Park-Tribal Community partnerships, among others

Tribal Legacy Project (hosted by University of Montana; hundreds of short clips from the Tent of Many Voices, from the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial, 2003–2006.

Webinar, 5 June 2017, with Stephanie Wood, University of Oregon, and Carol Buswell, National Archives.  Slides with commentary, broken into downloadable segments:
Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV