• Early Childhood

Discovering our Relationship with Water, by Rose Honey

  • Elementary

Honoring Tribal Legacies in Telling the Lewis and Clark Story, by Ella Ingelbret

  • Intermediate

A Thousand Celilos: Tribal Place Names along the Lewis and Clark Trail, by Shana Brown (Yakama)

Exploring Your Community, by Carol Buswell

  • Secondary

Sxwiwis (The Journey), by Julie Cajune (Salish)

Living Within the Four Base Tipi Poles of the Apsáalooke Homeland, by Shane Doyle (Apsáalooke) and Megkian Doyle

Tribal Oral Traditions and Languages in the Plains Region of the Lewis and Clark Trail, by Shane Doyle (Apsáalooke)

Traditional Native Games Along the Lewis and Clark Trail, by Shane Doyle (Apsáalooke)

Critical Thinking about Maps and Mapmaking, by Aisling Roche

There There by Tommy Orange, the Importance of Place, and Contemporary Native American Communities, by Miriam Rock

  • Post-Secondary

Tribal Legacies of Pathfinding, by Carmelita Lamb (Hispanic/Lipan Band of Apache)