(This is the introduction to Julie Cajune’s curriculum, “Sxwiwis – The Journey.”)

            Salish aboriginal territory represented an old tribal world. Visitors and guests to Salish homelands initiated cultural protocols and traditions of hospitality. The Corps of Discovery were afforded generous and life-saving gifts and support when they entered Salish homelands. All of the land the Corps traveled through was already inhabited, so my personal preference for reference to the Corps of Discovery is the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Curriculum Design

Place-Based Multiliteracies Approach as articulated by Ella Inglebret of Washington State University and CHiXapkaid of the University of Oregon.

All four learning episodes in this curriculum explore divergent concepts of place. Lesson activities invite the learner to examine and experience place vicariously and personally. Through the use of media such as film, digital photographs, audio recordings, and memoir, students are able to journey through time and distance to places unknown to them. These lessons are enhanced by personal student experiences during field trips to a local place of significance.

Honoring Tribal Legacies’ Eleventh Standard

Demonstrate environmental stewardship and a sense of service achieved through acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of humanity in historical, cultural, scientific, and spiritual contexts.