Exploring Your Community

A-ya-s-di N-a-v-nu-na-da-lv 

— Written in the Cherokee language. Literal translation: “Seeking Community.”


Designed for use in intermediate education, “Exploring Your Community,” has been authored by curriculum designer Carol Buswell of the National Archives and Records Administration. She writes: “We can understand ourselves and our communities in a broader and more meaningful way by conducting research using a wide variety of methods gathered from various disciplines and peoples.”

And here are the individual components:

Dear Teachers and Students


My Story


Curriculum Design Approach

Selected Common Core State Standards

Curriculum Expressions

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1                           

Starting with YOU

Lesson Plan 2

Recording Your Own Community Experience

Lesson Plan 3

Creating a Classroom Library and Archives

Lesson Plan 4

Understanding and Preserving Oral Histories

Lesson Plan 5

Dealing with Conflicting Ideas

Lesson Plan 6

Examining Primary Sources

Lesson Plan 7

Comparing Existing Secondary Sources

Lesson Plan 8

Looking at Artifacts and Related Materials

Lesson Plan 9

Is My Research Balanced?

Lesson Plan 10

Creating a Secondary Source of Your Own


Summative Assessment of Learning Outcomes