We currently offer three Teachings that have been designed for secondary classrooms:

cajune“Sxwiwis – The Journey,” has been authored by curriculum designer Julie Cajune (Salish). She writes: “A singular historic event can have significantly different outcomes for individuals or groups that are culturally, socially, or economically divers or dissimilar.”

PDF to download: Sxwiwis—The Journey

doylesdoylem“Living within the Four Base Tipi Poles,” has been authored by curriculum designers Shane Doyle (Crow) and Megkian Doyle. They write: “Despite suffering tremendous loss of life, land, and economy, the cultural values and ideals of the Apsáalooke people have allowed them to continue to grow as a nation and persevere into the 21st century.”

PDF to download: Apsáalooke Basawua Iichia Shoope Aalahputtua Koowiikooluk / Living within the Four Base Tipi Poles of the Apsáalooke Homeland