Intermountain and Upper Missouri River

New links to video resources will be forthcoming, but for now please visit these pages on the Tribal Legacy site in Montana:

Assiniboine (Nakoda)

Blackfeet (Pikuni) & Blood (Kainai)

Chippewa Cree (Annishinabe and Ne-i-yah-wahk)*

Coeur d’Alene (Schitsu’umsh)

Crow (Absaalooke)

Gros Ventre

Little Shell Chippewa (Annishinable)*

Nez Perce (A’aninin)

Northern Cheyenne (Tsististas and So’taa’eo’o)

Northern Shoshone & Bannock (Agaidika, Tukudika, Pahnaqwat)

Salish (Sqelio) and Pend d’Oreille (Qæisp’e)

Sioux of Fort Peck Reservation (Lakota and Dakota)*

*Note: Present after the Lewis and Clark presence along the trail.

These are short videos, many of which can be appropriate for bringing indigenous voices into your classroom on a wide range of topics.