Week 8 Private: Joel Arellano


The most valuable point I’ve taken from Gere is how digital culture has made it faster and easier to run through different possibilities. As I’ve reflected on various phenomena in digital culture throughout the term, I’ve frequently returned to this idea as an explanatory model. Take, for example, the most fundamental complaints about digital […]

Week 4 Private: Joel Arellano

“The rise of the sciences propelled man into the tunnels of specialized disciplines. The more he advanced in knowledge, the less clearly could he see either the world as a whole or his own self, and he plunged further into what Husserl’s pupil Heidegger called, in a beautiful and almost magical phrase, ‘the forgetting of […]

Week 4: Lindsey Newkirk, Avant-garde for the masses?

In my continued curiosity in activism art and art for social change is its effectiveness to create social change. What I thought powerful about the digital storytelling organizations such as Scribe, Mapping Memories and Center for Digital Storytelling is that they all maintained a commonality in providing a framework that the art present an issue […]

Week 3 Private: Joel Arellano

The use of the Internet has both broadened and fragmented the contexts of communication. This is why the Internet can have a subversive effect on intellectual life in authoritarian regimes. But at the same time, the less formal, horizontal cross-linking of communication channels weakens the achievements of traditional media.

–Jürgen Habermas

In the […]

Week 3: Lindsey Newkirk

In looking at the work plan for this weeks assignment, I was drawn to the sentence “These approaches (stories) reveal deep relationship-building over time — skills that documentary filmmakers and community-based artists have been developing for decades, and are now taking online to mix old and new methodologies.” I realized I wasn’t familiar with the […]

Week 2: Jarratt Private Post

At the outset of Charlie Gere’s Digital Culture he let’s us in on a secret, or at least it felt like a secret, which is that we don’t really know what digital means. It is pervasive throughout our lives, yet we don’t really understand it. We think it is synonymous with a technology that connotes […]

Week 2 – Natalie Henry Bennon, response to Digital Culture Ch 1&2

I needed a couple infusions of caffeine to get through the beginning and middle of the Week 2 Gere reading (Digital Culture) as I have no previous background in concepts like Cybernetics and Structuralism. But as I came to the last 20 pages, I was genuinely fascinated by the development of the current personal computer […]

Week 2: Lauren Marie Paterson – Witness, Engage Media, Digital Culture

After watching “Witness Your Environment,” by Kelly Matheson, exploring the WITNESS home page and YouTube Channel, and browsing the Engage Media site, it seems apparent that one of the major themes tying organizations such as these to similar projects like Scribe Video is the element of user-generated content.

According to dictionary.com, the definition of user-generated […]