New Media Unrest

The questions that I have raised over the past quarter have been majority around how these newly emerging digital media projects are effective in creating social change. My inquiry stems not from pessimism but rather my desire to understand the recipe for driving real change through project curation and communications, especially when metrics around social […]

Week 5: Lindsey Newkirk

In reviewing the week’s online assignment, Love Lunch Community what really stood out to me in its difference from many of the other digital media sites, is that it provides solicitous attention to the viewers in how they can become an engaged participant and how that participation can be utilized as an action for change.


Week 4: Lindsey Newkirk, Avant-garde for the masses?

In my continued curiosity in activism art and art for social change is its effectiveness to create social change. What I thought powerful about the digital storytelling organizations such as Scribe, Mapping Memories and Center for Digital Storytelling is that they all maintained a commonality in providing a framework that the art present an issue […]

Week 3: Lindsey Newkirk

In looking at the work plan for this weeks assignment, I was drawn to the sentence “These approaches (stories) reveal deep relationship-building over time — skills that documentary filmmakers and community-based artists have been developing for decades, and are now taking online to mix old and new methodologies.” I realized I wasn’t familiar with the […]

Week 2: Kevin Gaboury

Unanticipated advances in technology over the past decade have been huge advantages to non-profit organizations like Witness and Engage Media. In 20 years, Witness has gone from the archaic Sony HandyCam to top-of-the line video and audio equipment and the unlimited potential of the Internet. For a laugh, check out this ad for the Sony […]

Week 2: Brett Harmon Response to Social Change Websites

Media for social change was what we had to look into this week. Social change is a difficult thing to achieve, because it takes the changing of a mass group of people to really make something significant happen. But that does not stop several highly devoted individuals from making the attempt at changing the world. […]

Week 2: Lindsey Newkirk Response to Readings

As Kelley Matheson pointed out in her TEDx talk “Witness Your Environment”, the thought behind Witness’s goals is that “If we could hear people’s stories it would create empathy and create meaningful change”. My curiosity is how different strategic approaches to the videos accomplish this. Since we don’t have access to those strategies (audience, goals, […]

Week 1: Lindsey Newkirk response to readings and videos

One of the themes that stood out to me and piqued my interest in the Transmedia hangout discussion and the Precious Places work is the question of staying power; how to engage with the audience so that you activate a call to action or keep them involved in an issue after the delivery of the […]

Week 1: Natalie Bennon

Social change. Influence. Making a difference. These are the themes that, in my mind, bind all our Week 1 readings and viewings together. Storytelling that affects change.

One of the main purposes of Scribe’s Community Visions project and Precious Places videos is to give voice to people and communities that have not had a voice […]

Week 1: Lindsey Newkirk

My name is Lindsey and I am in the Strategic Communications program as I have recently moved on from life as an entrepreneur in order to broaden my platform in sustainability communications. While I landed a great transition job working in sustainability communications at a local venue, am eager to expand my work to include […]