Complete Head Case

Morning everyone,

We’ve updated the site to reflect our new name, so here are the relevant links:

Website Address:

Facebook page:

Twitter: @CmpleteHeadCase

Instagram: CompleteHeadCase

And our press release: Complete Head Case Press Release

We already have two subscribers, and are definitely looking to add more!

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Group Six: Complete Head Case

Morning everyone,

Below are the links for our website, as well as our twitter and instagram feeds.

Complete Head Case:



Let us know what you think!

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Team One Group Project

Hi all!

Here is the link to our website:

And links to Facebook and Twitter




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Portland Picks

Hello everyone! We have purchased a domain name and our site is now live at We are still working out our itineraries, but the design and basic manifesto is in place. Here is where YOU come in:

Follow us on Twitter, and tweet @Portland_Picks with your favorite recommendations of places to eat, drink, shop, […]

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Surviving Grad School Blog; Check Us Out!

Hi everyone!

It was so exciting to hear about everyone’s projects and to see the great sites that have been created. We hope that we piqued your interest about our project “Survive Grad School” and would like to encourage you to engage with our site.

With our wide range of curated material you can find […]

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Term Project Link up for Review: Group 2, Prison Divestment


Here is a link to our prison divestment site:

Some notes:

1) We are going to redirect the current wordpress to this.

2) They are buying the domain name “pdxdivest” –but haven’t bought it yet. Any more descriptive suggestions? some folks thought it wasn’t clear enough…

3) The “stories” page has image […]

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Week 6- Helen De Michiel – Keeping Up Your Momentum

(For the record, the Week 6 Private Post is cancelled. The points will be added into the Final Reflection piece)

I am really excited by this Week 6 web projects (see Week 6 – course assignments page). Each site is dense with meaning and new design forms. Triangle Fire: How can we design history in […]

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