Week 2_Summer Hatfield response to viewings and reading

First of all, let me just wipe the tears out of my eyes after watching some of these videos. In particular, one from the WITNESS human rights channel regarding Cambodia and the story of land grabbing. When the cops are carrying a little old lady out by her arms and legs, it was like Niagra […]

Week 2: Grace Roxas Morrissey – readings / viewings

One interesting conversation that will never take place is one between novelist H.G. Wells and someone like human rights advocate Kelly Matheson of WITNESS (c. early 21st century).

In the book “Digital Culture,” Wells was quoted as pre-figuring the Internet (although his limited 20th century horizon was focused only on the then-emerging medium of photography) […]

Week 2: Lauren Marie Paterson – Witness, Engage Media, Digital Culture

After watching “Witness Your Environment,” by Kelly Matheson, exploring the WITNESS home page and YouTube Channel, and browsing the Engage Media site, it seems apparent that one of the major themes tying organizations such as these to similar projects like Scribe Video is the element of user-generated content.

According to dictionary.com, the definition of user-generated […]

Week 2 – Helen De Michiel: Consider (ie read) this “Gado Gado” of resources

I am happy to encounter your healthy skepticism and provocative queries about the claims of social media evangelists and technology gurus. Since I am in the Bay Area, we are so close to all the “noise” coming out of Silicon Valley and the new SF techno-boomlet…and it takes effort to keep informed yet still detached […]