Week 5_Summer Hatfield

The Lunch Love Community is an amazing and inspiring project that ideally the entire country should embrace. I completely agree with the reasoning behind what they did in Berkeley, and I think the food we feed our children should be a top priority. I am a huge proponent of the old saying “You are what […]

Week 4 response_Summer Hatfield

The piece which I found most engaging this week was the Coming Soon! mixed-reality urban walking tour by Stephanie Rothenberg. I think work like this has the ability to really open up conversations in communities where people are always on the move. As a person goes around on the tour, they use a camera viewfinder […]

Week 3 Responses_Summer Hatfield

As I look at or read all of this week’s content I am becoming increasingly aware of this feeling of people’s need to reconnect with each other in a real way. It seems to be one common thread throughout everything we have looked at so far this term. In answer to this there are a […]

Week 2_Summer Hatfield response to viewings and reading

First of all, let me just wipe the tears out of my eyes after watching some of these videos. In particular, one from the WITNESS human rights channel regarding Cambodia and the story of land grabbing. When the cops are carrying a little old lady out by her arms and legs, it was like Niagra […]

Week 2: Lauren Marie Paterson – Witness, Engage Media, Digital Culture

After watching “Witness Your Environment,” by Kelly Matheson, exploring the WITNESS home page and YouTube Channel, and browsing the Engage Media site, it seems apparent that one of the major themes tying organizations such as these to similar projects like Scribe Video is the element of user-generated content.

According to dictionary.com, the definition of user-generated […]

Week 1: Lauren Marie Paterson – Transmedia, Scribe Video, and Reading Response

I noticed a few main similarities between the Transmedia hangout discussion and the Precious Places work being done at Scribe Video in Philidelphia.

The first, was the overall theme of story – particularly, personal stories. Louisa Dantes talked about amassing footage during the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, using “layered collaborative narratives” from locals to spark […]