Week 10 – Helen De Michiel – Combinatorial Thinking

I began this quarter with a post about combinatorial storytelling. I’ll complete it with a post about combinatorial thinking. I feel that together we have engaged in an amazingly rich exchange among twenty-four highly creative and insightful authors and thinkers.

I have been so impressed at the way each of you – through your own […]

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Sam Ford on Spreadable Media Strategies

Sam Ford is one of the co-authors, along with Henry Jenkins and Joshua Green, of Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture.

Instructor Helen De Michiel and a group of graduate students from this course met for a video conference call with Sam to discuss the book, which the class was […]

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Week 10–Allyson Woodard

A message from Spreadable Media that I remember finding particularly compelling was the authors’ assertion that phenomena like music piracy are not new, but simply made more visible due to digital media. I think this is true of many things, and contributes to the discomfort many people feel over social media–human interactions which once were […]

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Omar Aldakheel _ Media Ethics

The problem with ethics is that they differ from one society to another and even from one person to another. The red line has being always moving throughout the years when it comes to ethics. There are several Issues in Journalism nowadays that I think are the most problematic. One of them is telling journalism […]

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Week 10 – Derek Yoshikane

The ethical issue I am always concerned myself with is the right to privacy. It seems as if you have to give that up if you want your information to be accessible to others. You could create an online persona, like many people do. I make my posts with caution and often filter my initial […]

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Week 10: Lindsey Newkirk

I have a slightly different consideration about ethics that came up for me as I wrapped up Spreadable Media and was thinking about the wide variety of content that I interact with on web 2.0. I’ve been talking recently with friends about our increasingly limited capacity to deal with negative media. I’m a true believer […]

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Week 10: Scott Anderson

One area of ethics that jumped out at me in this class related back to my group project. Going into this project, I did not think there would be many ethical dilemmas that my group would face, simply because of our content. The main reason I thought this was because our project was fairly light […]

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Eckerson: Week 10

Ethical issues that came up during this course:

Intentions versus Experience: The issue I returned to most throughout this course was the question surrounded the presentation of information. We viewed many projects, some of which were problematic with regard to the authors stated intentions, and the actual experience of the project. Some of the projects […]

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Week #10 – Ethics – Lauren Marie Paterson

As media creators in both the journalism and communication fields, ethics will always be an integral part of our work, especially if we are putting it out into the public eye. Through this course and the study of the changing digital landscape I had a few thoughts on the subject.

Personal/Professional Ethics: While many of […]

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Week 10: Emily Priebe

One of the ethical issues that seems to pop up frequently in a wide range of media projects is the disclosure of information. Sometimes seemingly unrelated transmedia projects have ties to brands. Those relationships can potentially affect how viewers interpret the content. The example from Spreadable Media with the young woman who was looking for […]

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