Week 9 – Jerry Makare – Interdisciplinary

Interdisciplinary is one of the many synonyms for transmedia, cross-media (x-media), multimedia, etc. Simply put it means utilizing many different forms to engage and communicate ideas to an audience, and by using as multiple forms of media you are increasing your ability to reach and engage with people outside of a singular sphere of influence/interest. At the leading (bleeding) edge of using gamifacation (a word that has been picking up pace amongst marketing circles) is Games for Change (G4C). G4C realized early that games are a way to draw interest to a cause in an interactive, and enjoyable format, and their success has be predicated on the simple fact that the type of engagement that is being used via gaming is one that can drive shareabililty, spreadability and retention.

A trend that is being embraced by a large amount of people online is the use of lists. The success of Buzzfeed, which is nothing more than a list generator, aggregator, curator and sharing platform is a great example of how audiences are reacting to listing as a tool to drive information. Notice that gamification is taking place with lists (as has been the case for awhile, but it is picking up steam again) on sites like ListChallenge. Expect to see both charitable organizations and publicly traded companies using this platform to tell their “stories” very soon, if they haven’t already.

This is the essence of interdisciplinary media. Taking different forms, whether it is video, audio, stills, games, writing, and incorporating them into multiple formats to drive engagement, and action.

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