Week 9 Private Post: Joel Arellano

Canzo Empyrean and the Economy of Intrigue

The relationships between people and media described in Spreadable Media seemed fresh as well as consonant with my own experience. While Gere explored the history and system trends in the progress of digital culture, Jenkins et al did more to frame and describe our daily engagement […]

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Week 8: Hurricane Digital Memory Bank

Aftermath of the Peshtigo fire

Stories of disaster have an appeal. There’s a fascination in the forces of nature – something that reminds us that no matter how advanced a civilization, the primitive, raw fury of a storm, fire, flood or earthquake can destroy the indestructible.

As a kid, I was fascinated with […]

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Week 3 _ Omar Aldakheel

Mapping Memories uses a great underestimated Multimedia tool that is maps! It’s more identifiable that way based on proximity. The few downfalls in this project were the amount of text that made it look too busy, and the amount of commercials in the site played pretty much before each video.

I like how in the […]

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Week 3: Adam King

By the looks of many of these posts and comments, it seems quite clear that the majority of us were far more drawn into the Interview Project then the other sites presented. Trying to override my David Lynch fanaticism, I’ve been thinking about what makes these interviews and stories ‘feel’ so starkly different than stories […]

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Week 3: Grace Roxas Morrissey

If “value” implies something quantifiable and therefore relevant to commercial purposes and “worth” doesn’t come with a price tag because a lot of it resides in the context of personal experience — as Henry Jenkins et al pointed out in the book “Spreadable Media…” — then we should certainly re-calibrate our expectations on the quality […]

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Week 1: Combinatorial Storytelling

I think many of you are here to experiment with ways to unleash your creativity in this online space while still keeping a foothold in the beautiful and inspiring human, real and grounded, messy and surprising modes of storytelling and the making of “storyworlds.” And how the listener, spectator or reader leaves the story to […]

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