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UO Blogs is an easy-to-use academic blogging and web publishing service for the University of Oregon community. Faculty, staff, and students with an active DuckID can use the service to quickly create blogs or websites for courses, groups, or individual use. To get started, select the type of site you want to create and follow the instructions provided.

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Department of Geography

Modern geography investigates planet Earth and the human processes that shape its places and landscapes...

Homelessness and Home

Community Philosophy Institute seeks to consider contemporary homelessness in our own community of ...

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Menu Limits

May 21st

For sites with large menus, please be aware that UO Blogs does limit how many menu items a site can have.  If you have a ...Read More...(Comments Off)

UO Blogs Maintenance on 5/10/14

May 7th

On May 10th at 12:00am PST Edublogs, our partner in offering the UO Blogs service, will be making changes to improve the reliability, speed, and ...Read More...(Comments Off)


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