Week 6: Lindsey Newkirk

In my midterm paper I reflected on some ideas from the Center for Digital Storytelling in that they claimed that the human emotion of storytelling, opposed to the doom and gloom often presented within the context of environmental issues, is what makes people connect to an issue. I have to say, that while the bear […]

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Week 6_Summer Hatfield

The two sites that stuck out to me most in this weeks viewings were the Planet Takeout site and the Triangle Fire site, each for different reasons. The two kind of seem like total opposites.

Regarding the Triangle Fire site, I found the site itself to be a little dull. Its got a lot of […]

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Week 6- Derek Yoshikane

Interactivity is the general theme of my viewings choices this week. The Localore home page was very interactive with it’s map and animated interface. In The Making of Tech Shop and Planet Takeout, the raw audio footage helps me get a feeling of what the different places are like on a normal day. Planet Takeout […]

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Week 6: Joel Arellano

Storytelling and content aside, I found the form of the Localore site intriguing by the way the navigability alone enhanced my experience with each project. Jenkins, et al describe this as a “total engagement experience” (137), where storytellers can expand on “fictional worlds, to construct backstory, or explore alternative points of view, all in the […]

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Week 6: Emily Priebe

With the power of communal testimony, no one person has the responsibility for every perspective but together we create an entwined whole. The Triangle Fire Open Archive makes the unfathomable concrete to remind us of our shared humanity.

While all the projects were fascinating this week, the Triangle Fire Open Archive had a profound impact […]

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Week 6: Eckerson Post

This week’s viewings inspired me: they were all articulate, multi-layered approaches to capturing the nuance of deeper stories, issues, and places. Like most of us, I was enthralled by Bear 71, but personally, I enjoyed it most because it used an incredibly unique approach to explore a serious issue. I would like to understand war […]

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Portland Picks

Hello everyone! We have purchased a domain name and our site is now live at www.portlandpicks.org. We are still working out our itineraries, but the design and basic manifesto is in place. Here is where YOU come in:

Follow us on Twitter, and tweet @Portland_Picks with your favorite recommendations of places to eat, drink, shop, […]

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Week 6: Jamie Schaub

Community: A perfect title for this week’s web immersion + viewing.

Localore Reading about who AirMediaWorks is and what they are about, I really liked how descriptive their About section is. I found the phrase ‘new taproots’ being a great way to describe what they want to achieve: dig deep into a community and become […]

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Week 6: Scott Anderson

I explored the HearHere site and thought it was pretty interesting with the use of audio and drawn pictures served as backstops for the story. One I listened to started off sort of (it seemed) like it was in the middle of the story, but the more I listened and the more I watched, the […]

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Week 6 – Kevin Gaboury

The examples of participatory media that we looked at this week are intriguing in that they offer new and unique ways for audiences to delve into the subject matter. Localore invites visitors to explore the cultural richness of different areas of the United States by clicking on a different region of the interactive map. (Side […]

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