6 – Community

Week 6 – Participatory media weaving around and within real places

Work Plan

At the center of an effective participatory transmedia project is the intention to stay continually grounded in real history, real geography and real time — what we know as human beings.  This week we explore several rich projects that are thoroughly tethered to the real – and which work to draw in people from these communities who have deep and intimate feelings about the environs that the media makers are looking at.

In each of these examples of highly-produced “expanded documentary” projects, we begin to see how the creators invite participants to discover the prisms of history through archival practices and memories; and ancestral, political, cultural and emotional links.  It is in works like these that we now have the ability to immerse — on our own terms — into worlds we may have never visited or considered before, in quite these ways.

[Reading] Viewing Assignment

Please watch this recorded talk by Digital Culture author Charlie Gere :

“Rethinking the Digital” (2012) at the Jerwood Foundation

Term Project:  Week 6 Benchmarks

  • First iteration of group projects’ public engagement phase underway — campaign continues through Week 10
  • Does campaign strategy need to be revised?  Team member(s) to watch and measure impact as the outreach deepens

Online Assignment: website immersion + viewing

The Triangle Fire Open Archive
Project creators: The Buscada Group, New York

Project Creators: AIRMediaworks and 230 collaborators
PLEASE CHOOSE 2 different projects to fully explore from the Localore Collection

Bear 71
Project creators:  Leanne Allison and Jeremy Mendes

Here is an article from the POV blog that can help you with background on the making of the Bear 71 multimedia documentary:



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Private Post-Essay: CANCELLED!  These points will be added into the final reflection piece.

Reminder: Mid-Term essay DUE on Friday, November 8.  No exemptions, no exceptions. PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR PAPER (hdemich2@uoregon.edu).

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