3 – Contexts

Week 3 – Context for the Digital Story

Work Plan

Life stories, digital storytelling, oral history – these are enduring, powerful narrative forms that have informed social and creative practice for decades.  This week we will explore how artists and media makers are creating new contexts and new frames for presenting participants’ stories. The experience of these sites involves so much more than clicking through pages and watching video clips.  These approaches reveal  deep relationship-building over time — skills that documentary filmmakers and community-based artists have been developing for decades, and are now taking online to mix old and new methodologies.

This deep and patient process is about working over time with project participants, and, as a process, is as significant as the outcomes or products you see on your screen. Let’s explore how these artists are taking advantage of interactive narrative and non-linear documentary; while designing new spaces, contexts and frames for invisible voices to be heard and seen in powerful, compelling ways.

Reading Assignment

Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, Joshua Green (2013).  Spreadable Media. pp ix – 84.

Term Project:  Week 3 Benchmarks

  • Post work plans for group term project
  • Groups meet with Prof. De Michiel via Google hangout to discuss project outline, get feedback and ask questions

Online Assignment: website immersion + viewing

Mapping Memories: Experiences of Refugee Youth
Project Director and filmmaker: Liz Miller

The Interview Project
Project creator: “Davidlynch.com Presents”
Directors: Austin Lynch and Jason S.

Center for Digital Storytelling

From this page you can jump to some of the examples of the CDS work.  ANd visit the CDS YouTube channel with several examples:

Also the blog is interesting and current with their projects.
Executive Director: Joe Lambert

Online Discussion:

Please refer to Week 2 guidelines for posting content.  In addition, consider:

  • Engaging the course material – posts can refer to your readings, raise questions, make linkages
  • Share your experiences delving into these sites.  Did the actual content relate to what you’ve been reading/seeing/thinking about in your broader work/life/mediascape?
  • Can you point out and describe an experience or insight on the sites that someone else may not have discovered yet?

Public post + comment is due before Friday, 5pm.

Private Post-Essay: Focus on this week’s reading

Please refer to Week 2 guidelines to focus your analytical writing assignment on this week’s reading.  As always with this style of writing, please refrain from giving your opinions about the readings, or your responses to whether you liked or didn’t like the book.

This private 500 word min. post-essay is due to me by Sunday, midnight.


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