10 – Final Project Presentations

Week 10 – Final Projects: Participatory media and social practice looking ahead to the future

Work Plan

During this final week we will continue to consider and wrap up our discussions on participatory media and social practice.  I invite you to drive the themes we will to conclude with, even if it means opening up a whole new set of questions.

One major topic I would like you to think about in this week’s discussion are some of the ethical concerns you’ve encountered while immersing in these works.  Can you articulate three ethical issues you’ve discovered during the course?

Term Project:  Week 10 Benchmarks

  • Term Project Public Presentations by each of the groups!
    After ten weeks of multimedia and multiplatform storytelling, now it is your turn to tell us the transmedia or participatory story of your term project.

    This is a supportive way to appreciate and celebrate our quarter together by having each of the six groups do an informal presentation (10 – 15 minutes) on their Term Project with total time of approximately 30 minutes for Q/A and dialogue. Here are some prompts to structure your presentation and share with us your processes and successes.

    1.  Tell us the story (again, but in retrospect) of its evolution over the 10 weeks.  What did the site creators and curators learn from making this project?  What did the public engagement strategists learn from the  five week outreach and/or promotion process (other than you wished you had more time)?

    2.  What are some of the surprises that came out of the project?

    3.  What are three lessons that you learned that you will build upon or improve upon in your next project?

    4.  What is the future for the project site?  Plans for its continuation?  Thoughts on your “impact” goals?

    If you have any data or numbers to show us, that would be great.  Also, if you can, I’ve encouraged team members to shoot cell phone videos if you are doing public events where attendees might give you a positive quote, which can be posted on the site.  (This is something that we always seem to forget to do, but always turn out to be useful after the fact.)

On-Campus Workshop: Saturday, December 7

  • Skype-In talk and conversation with Vicki Callahan, Associate Professor of Practice, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts & Institute for Multimedia Literacy. The focus of Professor Callahan’s conversation with us will include:
    • Participatory Storytelling/Collaborative Storytelling in an academic environment
    • A case study from a USC grad class that takes participatory storytelling into the Los Angeles schools and creates an engagement project
    • Scholarship and emerging digital archives:  How is the archive being “curated and animated?”

Online Assignment: website immersion + viewing

None this week (You are working on your final project public presentations)

Online Public Post + Discussion:

See ABOVE QUESTIONS IN INTRO  for Week 10 post and any other discussions we’ve been having online to wrap up the course explorations.

Private Post-Essay: Individual report and reflection paper

This private 500 – 750 word min. post-essay is due to me by Monday, December 9

You are welcome to use one or more of these structural prompts for your final essay reporting and reflecting on your experiences with this final project. (You do not need to use or answer all the questions – they are simply triggers for meaningful inquiry)

Consider this final private post (due by Dec 9) like a letter you are writing to your future self, including some of the learnings you gleaned, and that you think will be helpful to keep for future use – both professionally and for your own research.

1.  Report the facts of the project: who did what part of the project, and how the collaboration worked out as a team effort. What were a few of the key benchmarks in the process of making it? What were the facts of your engagement model, and what happened, or what did you observe?

2.  Reflect on the process of arriving at the final presentation.   What excited you about the creative process? What was frustrating? For now, what do you like about the final results? Were there any surprises or concerns?

3.  What has been the value of this project for you? What insights are beginning to emerge? How does it relate to your professional work and research?  How do you evaluate the success of the outreach effort you made in terms of engaging people towards participating in dialogue around your program?

4.  What future implications does the project have for your work in the participatory-digital media space? What are some of the practices you can take with you? What do you think you achieved by working with this project? What applications or action ideas has the project triggered for you? And…when we do it again, what should I change?




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