Week 4 Private: Joel Arellano

“The rise of the sciences propelled man into the tunnels of specialized disciplines. The more he advanced in knowledge, the less clearly could he see either the world as a whole or his own self, and he plunged further into what Husserl’s pupil Heidegger called, in a beautiful and almost magical phrase, ‘the forgetting of […]

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Week 4 – Jerry Makare

A large part of this weeks readings and viewings were focused on tactical communication using art. Art is by it’s very nature the best possible example of participatory media particularly in that it stems from the human need to communicate and connect.

I am certain we could have a decent discussion regarding whether or not […]

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Week 4 _ Omar Aldakheel

In the Brooke Singer Project there were a lot of cool pieces of art, and she is indeed a multi talented artist. There were some sweet and interesting topics as well especially in the web tab such as “Social Relay Mail” and the “Eco News”

However, the website lacks some essential elements in terms of […]

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Week 4: Emily Priebe

To me, this week’s viewings were all about challenging culturally accepted norms, reconstructing them in a way that contests how our society has traditionally represented some of those standards and practices.

Stephanie Rothenberg’s work, Invisible Threads, challenges our perceptions of labor and production by operating a sweatshop making jeans in Second Life. This work presents […]

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Week 4 response_Summer Hatfield

The piece which I found most engaging this week was the Coming Soon! mixed-reality urban walking tour by Stephanie Rothenberg. I think work like this has the ability to really open up conversations in communities where people are always on the move. As a person goes around on the tour, they use a camera viewfinder […]

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Week 4 – Adam King

For the past 48 hours my computer has been very glitchy, and as a result was having trouble loading Stephanie Rothenberg’s pages. Whenever I clicked on a project link it would only show me weird HTML writings with scattered images upon them. Funnily enough, I at first thought that the disruption was the whole idea. […]

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Week 4 – Derek Yoshikane

The viewings of this week reminded me of my studies in the fine arts. “Form follows function,” and the ongoing process in design, came to mind. I have always believed that this theory in design applied to any product that required creativity to produce it. The projects done by Stephanie Rothenberg and Brooke Singer were […]

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Week 4: Joel Arellano

Tilman Hornig, Content is King!

Gere writes that John Cage’s 4’ 33″ “is perhaps the perfect model for modern electronic media,” because in it, anything and everything can happen (115). He also observes that the nature of the Web as a medium makes it easier to run through different possibilities, offering what […]

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Week 4: A Cinema of Liberation (Eckerson)

First off: I’d like to thank everyone for their comments and posts this week, as I sincerely enjoyed the deeper questions provoked by this weeks readings and viewings, namely, what is the nature and purpose of activist art, and the efficacy of it for effecting social change. Gere’s overview of the advance of digital art […]

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Week 4 — Allyson Woodard

While exploring the tactical media for this week I kept thinking about a comment I once heard in a fiction writing class. We were talking about how to keep our writing from sounding preachy, and the professor said (to paraphrase) that you basically have to choose: you can have overtly political writing, or you can […]

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