Week 10 public – Final project reflection – Natalie Bennon

Our class project, Portland Picks, was fun to work on, and I learned a lot. I learned that I can use WIX to make a simple website if I have no budget to hire a professional. I learned a lot about Twitter, and was encouraged to realize very few people in class knew any more […]

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Week 9 – Jerry Makare – Interdisciplinary

Interdisciplinary is one of the many synonyms for transmedia, cross-media (x-media), multimedia, etc. Simply put it means utilizing many different forms to engage and communicate ideas to an audience, and by using as multiple forms of media you are increasing your ability to reach and engage with people outside of a singular sphere of influence/interest. […]

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Week 8 – Jerry Makare – Archive

Projects like PostSecret are perfect examples of using user generated content and ideas to create a space that can foster discussion, creativity, and promote a sense of healing or community. When the PostSecret blog started in 2005 I never would have thought that it would still be going almost 9 years later, but not only […]

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Week 10_Summer Hatfield

One of the biggest ethical issues that I have been thinking about throughout this term is privacy. How do we be respectful of it, or in some cases how do we be transparent enough so that people are aware of the potential violation of their own privacy? It has come up in different ways in […]

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Week 10: Adam King

The underlying ethical question behind every media project we’ve looked at this semester is to what extent does a project take advantage of its subject in order to advance themselves. Many of the projects we have looked at have dealt with communities of people in need of aid. I’m thinking way back to the first […]

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Week 10: Comment to Melissa on Long Tails, Blockbusters and Cheap Fun

(Comments have a length restriction, so I made this a post.) In anticipation of the Sam Ford discussion, I am referring to an article that appears this week in the New Yorker and deals with several of the issues you are raising, Melissa.

If we are living in a world of an expanding blockbusters, how […]

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Not to be outdone, films’ other weird David has his own interactive multimedia project…

I meant to post this about a month ago but forgot until I read about Existenz (which in my opinion is a far better watch than The Matrix) in the closing chapters of Digital Culture. It’s not real technology (sadly), but you can get your own POD (Personal On Demand) recommendation engine if you […]

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Week 8: Natalie Henry Bennon public post

I had a hard time engaging in this week’s viewings. They kind of bored me. So, as Helen pointed out for Engage Media, I thought, perhaps I am not the target audience?

I was slightly intrigued by the secrets posted in Post Secrets, but mostly they just made me sad. I thought the videos in […]

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Welcome Baby Harper! And the UO email system…

Jamie just wrote and I will share!

“Well your prediction came true – I was exactly two weeks early from my due date. On November 13, 2013, at 10:18 p.m., I gave birth to a Ms. Harper Ann Bourcier.

We’ve been home since last Friday and took the weekend to adjust. I […]

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Jerry Makare Week 7 – Reading and Viewing

I want to look a little bit about user generated content (UGC) and the “digital revolution”. When I began attending film school in 2004 there seemed to be a non-stop barrage about the digital revolution, and how it changing the way that content is created, viewed, and shared. Endless debates about whether or not digital […]

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