Week 7: Emily Priebe

This week I was fascinated by the way content interplayed with form. Both the Public Secrets project and the Highrise project made incredible use of digital media to display content in a way that reflected the subject matter they were presenting. These innovative presentations elevate both projects.

Moving through the content in the Highrise project […]

Week 3 Private: Joel Arellano

The use of the Internet has both broadened and fragmented the contexts of communication. This is why the Internet can have a subversive effect on intellectual life in authoritarian regimes. But at the same time, the less formal, horizontal cross-linking of communication channels weakens the achievements of traditional media.

–Jürgen Habermas

In the […]

Week 3: Adam King

By the looks of many of these posts and comments, it seems quite clear that the majority of us were far more drawn into the Interview Project then the other sites presented. Trying to override my David Lynch fanaticism, I’ve been thinking about what makes these interviews and stories ‘feel’ so starkly different than stories […]

Week 3: Kevin Gaboury response

Context. That’s the theme for this week, and the diverse projects we looked at this week are framed by the context of the human experience. Let me just start out by saying that I love the Interview Project. It reminds me of a column by a former coworker at the Lewiston Tribune called “Everyone has […]

Week 3: Lindsey Newkirk

In looking at the work plan for this weeks assignment, I was drawn to the sentence “These approaches (stories) reveal deep relationship-building over time — skills that documentary filmmakers and community-based artists have been developing for decades, and are now taking online to mix old and new methodologies.” I realized I wasn’t familiar with the […]

Week #3 – Lauren Marie Paterson – Context for the Digital Story

I am constantly amazed throughout this class that these communities of online sites exist. I grew up in the Southern Idaho town of Twin Falls where we had quite a few refugees. One of my close friends from Armenia had lived with her family in a Catholic church for four years before being able to […]

Week 3: Brett Harmon

This week we had to look into the context, specifically the context in which a story is being told to us by our subject or interviewee. The context can be the difference between a strong and powerful interview and one that is attempting to be that but loses all of its power in the transition. […]

Week 3: Jarratt Taylor

This week’s sites have me considering how the act of listening is one of most powerful was of being participatory. Being a good listener empowers a storyteller to continue telling which allows them to dig deeper into the memory and ultimately reveal more history, emotion, and meaning. There is a sense that both parties are […]

Week 2: Emily Priebe Response to Viewings

After watching videos on both the WITNESS and EngageMedia sites, I was struck by the theme of preservation. The WITNESS website lists preservation as one of their main aims stating that while they are “working to secure the future of human rights video, we are also helping to preserve its past.” Although much of video […]