Week 8: Lindsey Newkirk

I think a few people may have commented last week, after reviewing “Saving the Sierra” that it seemed such a shame that the project was no longer active. As Jesikah herself noted in the interview with Helen, the only reason that this site was even still up was that her and her project partner were […]

Week 3 Private: Joel Arellano

The use of the Internet has both broadened and fragmented the contexts of communication. This is why the Internet can have a subversive effect on intellectual life in authoritarian regimes. But at the same time, the less formal, horizontal cross-linking of communication channels weakens the achievements of traditional media.

–Jürgen Habermas

In the […]

Week 3: Grace Roxas Morrissey

If “value” implies something quantifiable and therefore relevant to commercial purposes and “worth” doesn’t come with a price tag because a lot of it resides in the context of personal experience — as Henry Jenkins et al pointed out in the book “Spreadable Media…” — then we should certainly re-calibrate our expectations on the quality […]