Week 10: Lindsey Newkirk

I have a slightly different consideration about ethics that came up for me as I wrapped up Spreadable Media and was thinking about the wide variety of content that I interact with on web 2.0. I’ve been talking recently with friends about our increasingly limited capacity to deal with negative media. I’m a true believer […]

Week 3: Emily Priebe

Rethinking literacy. Mapping Memories defines this as one of their mandates. I found this to be one of the most profound concepts behind the projects that we watched this week. As we’ve talked about, storytelling has evolved and our relationship to story has changed powered largely by the technology we use to tell stories. Mapping […]

Week 3: Lindsey Newkirk

In looking at the work plan for this weeks assignment, I was drawn to the sentence “These approaches (stories) reveal deep relationship-building over time — skills that documentary filmmakers and community-based artists have been developing for decades, and are now taking online to mix old and new methodologies.” I realized I wasn’t familiar with the […]