Week 10 – Derek Yoshikane

The ethical issue I am always concerned myself with is the right to privacy.  It seems as if you have to give that up if you want your information to be accessible to others.  You could create an online persona, like many people do.  I make my posts with caution and often filter my initial thoughts. I know what I am saying is archived in cyberspace forever.  The posts I make are open for many people to read.  Maybe this filter is my personal ethical thought process.  Many people that make posts online do not think or care whom they offend or hurt.  Should there be a better policing of the media that is online or would that be censorship?  Maybe a rating system for browsers would be helpful, especially for educators and parents of young children.

I have a 4-year-old daughter that browses on YouTube for Peter Pan videos.  She already pointed out an inappropriate image in a posted video that appeared under the Peter Pan search.  What if she ventured onto something totally inappropriate like the Boston marathon bombing videos?  I already know of too many parents that allow their younger kids to roam freely on Ipads and Iphones.  Would their kids share their findings with their parents like my daughter did?

These multimedia devices have become the new babysitter for parents (that can afford it).  Should parents be teaching technological literacy?  In the high school that I teach at, no training or instruction is required prior to using computers or the internet.  The rules are explained in the beginning of each school year.  Students are expected to follow them.  Is this the best way to create productive participants of the digital world?

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  • awoodard@uoregon.edu

    I don’t envy your job of parenting in the age of the Internet. I just posted about some of the benefits I see to adults broadcasting our private lives online, but such a huge part of parenting entails sheltering your children…this must be incredibly difficult online.

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