Omar Aldakheel _ Media Ethics

The problem with ethics is that they differ from one society to another and even from one person to another. The red line has being always moving throughout the years when it comes to ethics. There are several Issues in Journalism nowadays that I think are the most problematic. One of them is telling journalism in a sensational way just to make money and grab more viewers as opposed to do what journalism is all about that is being fair and accurate. So, you see a lot of time while reading or viewing that news channels exaggerate or focus on a minor issue and forgot the most important ones just to get more ratings. This also bring the issue of “Authenticity” where media care more about what can achieve their goal regardless of how much real that is. We see in “Engage Media” the authenticity of the project but you see in other projects that they have been staged and not true. Some other networks may not stage anything to get more ratings but they will fall into another problematic issue that is “privacy”. They will invade some people’s privacy in the name of telling the hidden truth and changing society but at the same time they skip what that person the story is about might face after using him/her.

Honestly, it is also really hard to tell journalists to be ethical and not cover stories for the sake of ratings and selling while we all know how journalist are so underpaid and not getting any privileges nowadays. It’s tough!

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