Eckerson: Week 10

Ethical issues that came up during this course:

Intentions versus Experience: The issue I returned to most throughout this course was the question surrounded the presentation of information.  We viewed many projects, some of which were problematic with regard to the authors stated intentions, and the actual experience of the project.  Some of the projects we viewed didn’t see the  ethical tensions inherent in their own work, but because of the packaged and final nature of a website or a project, that was obvious to outside observers, and that juxtaposition became part of their work.  That was interesting.

Authenticity of participation:  The question of participation was bantered about, but the issues of access and “real democracy” behind input was not addressed.  There are ethical issues with regard to participatory projects aimed at “creating social change” if they don’t address the barriers to access that exemplify the digital divide and how it maps out on traditional lines of oppression.

Social capital versus Capital: There’s an inherent tension between media for “social change” and capitalism. It at least has to be acknowledged, if not explicitly addressed, in any project being done in the name of social change.  Otherwise, it’s a farce.



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