Week 3 Private: Joel Arellano

The use of the Internet has both broadened and fragmented the contexts of communication. This is why the Internet can have a subversive effect on intellectual life in authoritarian regimes. But at the same time, the less formal, horizontal cross-linking of communication channels weakens the achievements of traditional media.

–Jürgen Habermas

In the […]

Week 1: Steven Wheeler – Response to readings

Perhaps Lee Siegel’s “Burying the Hatchet” should have been titled “Swinging the Wrecking Ball.” From the get-go, he seems more interested in tearing down some aspects of his own industry than in turning his back on his time as a hatchet-man.

He has some valid points. Criticism should be more expansive. An extended review that […]

Week 1: Joel Arellano – Reading/viewing response

“Hardly anyone still reads nowadays. People make use of the writer only in order to work off their own excess energy on him in a perverse manner, in the form of agreement or disagreement.”

― Robert Musil, The Man Without Qualities

In “Burying the Hatchet,” Lee Siegel writes that […]