Klamath Hall Rooftop Vacuum Failure Advisory 8/23/19-9/9/19

UPDATE 9/3/19:

The install of the new rooftop vacuum pump is scheduled for 9-6-19 9-9-19. The system will be back up and running by the end of the work day.

UPDATE 8/28/19:

The equipment is in stock in Portland and the Mechanical Shop hopes to have it installed by 9-6-19.


While performing a preventative maintenance check on the building vacuum pumps (providing lab vacuum air), it was discovered that the vacuum pump on the roof of  Klamath Hall has failed.  There is a second basement vacuum pump that is still operating normally. EHS confirmed that the vacuum doesn’t affect the safety function of the fume hood but does impact other research equipment or processes that use the house vacuum instead of stand-alone vacuum pumps. Ken Straw hopes to have the vacuum pump operational as soon as possible.


For questions or concerns please contact Ken Straw at ext. 6-5406 or kstraw@uoregon.edu

Klamath Hall Lab Vacuum Shutdown 6/20 – 6/21

Facilities Liaisons,

As part of the 3rd-floor renovation, contractors need to relocate the rooftop vacuum pump that serves portions of the 2nd-floor. The vacuum will be unavailable in portions of the Klamath 2nd floor for the 2-day duration.  Please select the below drawing to see impacted areas.

For questions or concerns please contact CPFM Design and Construction Owners Rep Denise Stewart 541-335-1258.


Klamath Hall Second Floor House Vacuum Outage 5/6

Facilities Liaisons,

As part of renovations, the house vacuum will be offline to a portion of the second floor in Klamath Hall. The contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis will be performing this work from 6:00 am – 8:00 am on May 6. See attached floor plan highlighting spaces impacted.

For questions or concerns please contact CPFM Design and Construction Project Manager Denise Stewart at 541-335-1258.

Lab Vacuum Shutdown in Klamath Hall Room 45 3/15

Klamath Facilities Liaisons,

The lab vacuum in Klamath Hall Room 45 will be offline on March 15, 2019, from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm. The project manager confirmed there will be no classes during this outage. Work will occur in the basement mechanical room. The scope involves relocating the vacuum pump and reconnecting. Work will be performed by the contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis.

For questions or concerns please contact CPFM Design and Construction Project Manager Denise Stewart at 541-335-1258.

Pacific Hall B-2 Outage Timeline 9/9- 12/18

Building Occupants,

To coordinate Pacific Hall outages related to the Pacific B-2 Renovation Design and Construction project managers Nick Pritchard and  Jen Miley have put together a timeline of events starting September 9, 2017, through December 18, 2017. These outages will vary from building wide to only impacting certain rooms. The purpose of this email is to provide an overview and reference.  Nick and Jen have been working closely with building users to document lab equipment and how this might impact departments and institutes. Going forward intentions are to provide this overview and continue to communicate building wide outages email notifications for anything that is impacting building wide services. For outages that are localized to individual rooms, the project managers will be communicating directly with occupants.

For questions or concerns related to this timeline please contact CPFM Design and Construction Project Managers  Nick Pritchard 541-346-9139 or Jen Miley 541-346-1530.


Notice: Huestis Natural Gas, Lab Air, RO Water, Potable Water and Heating Water Shutdown 2/9 and 2/10 from 6 pm – 7 am

Due to the installation of new isolation valves located in the SE building riser, the below services will be interrupted in Huestis for two consecutive nights of shut-downs from 6PM-7AM on February 9, 2017, and February 10, 2017.  Utilities will be turned on during the day.  Two nights have been scheduled for the work, although the contractors may be able to complete the work in 1 night depending on progress and condition of old lines.

Natural Gas – Building Wide

Laboratory Air – Building Wide

Reverse Osmosis Water – Building Wide

Potable Cold Water – Building Wide

Potable Hot Water – Building Wide

Heating Water – 3rd floor only

This is part of the third-floor lab renovations project.  This work was scheduled overnight to limit the impact to building occupants.

For questions or concerns contact Patrick Mucker at 541-346-8216.