The Emergence of Youth Culture, and the Way it is Changing the World

The current generation of youth is living in a globalizing world being transformed by the constant innovation of the digital age, the likes of which has never been experienced by their predecessors. There are still socio-economic disparities running deep in various regions, but contemporary developments may generate opportunities to alleviate inequalities (Asthana).

The Pew Research […]

Week 5: Emily Priebe

For the midterm paper, I’m really interested in looking at the concept of structuralism that appears in Digital Culture. Structuralism is a theory that says human culture must be understood in terms of a relationship to an overarching structure. I think this concept is challenged by some of the works that we’ve studied so far, […]

Week 5: Amanda Eckerson

I’m interested in analyzing two forms of participatory media that seek to shift power paradigms by comparing and contrasting a focus on product (films that emphasize their content’s message) and process (films that focus on an inclusionary process to shift power dynamics). I’ll be looking at Scribe as an example of a community institution that […]

Week 5 – Helen De Michiel video comment… more midterm + useful items


If you have a spare 10 minutes, here in this video commentary are some more ideas to make the writing flow.

Also, here is the article I mention in the above video: Are We Puppets In A Wired World?

The piece, just published, is by Sue Halpern, and appears in this week’s New […]

Week 3 – Helen De Michiel Check-In

It was great video conferencing with the teams this week and talking about how the term projects are developing. If teams want to, please post your sites for any preliminary feedback before we meet again on November 2. Crowd-sourcing feedback in a safe place is only going to give you momentum and inspiration.

It is […]