New Media Unrest

The questions that I have raised over the past quarter have been majority around how these newly emerging digital media projects are effective in creating social change. My inquiry stems not from pessimism but rather my desire to understand the recipe for driving real change through project curation and communications, especially when metrics around social […]

Week 5: Lindsey Newkirk

In reviewing the week’s online assignment, Love Lunch Community what really stood out to me in its difference from many of the other digital media sites, is that it provides solicitous attention to the viewers in how they can become an engaged participant and how that participation can be utilized as an action for change.


Week 5: Mike Plett Mid Term Response

The two sites I’m going to compare and contrast are WITNESS and the Center for Digital Storytelling because, of all of the many sites we’ve looked at, they seem to have stuck with me more. Not quite sure why, but perhaps as I write my paper it’ll become clearer to me.

Both sites tell people’s […]

Week 5: Emily Priebe

For the midterm paper, I’m really interested in looking at the concept of structuralism that appears in Digital Culture. Structuralism is a theory that says human culture must be understood in terms of a relationship to an overarching structure. I think this concept is challenged by some of the works that we’ve studied so far, […]

Week 5: Scott Anderson

I think Kevin and I are in the same boat. We both enjoy journalism and, yet, loathe parts of it, as well.

For my paper, I’m kind of tossing around a few ideas. Also similar to Kevin, I really liked The Interview Project and how the people in it didn’t specifically set out to participate […]

Week 5 Brett Harmon: Lunch Love Community

While going through the Lunch Love Community site I am reminded of some figured I heard from my girlfriend who works at a food bank in Arizona. In Arizona along 1 in 4 children struggle with hunger on a daily basis, this is relevant because as I was watching the videos I was taken in […]