Week 4 – Adam King

For the past 48 hours my computer has been very glitchy, and as a result was having trouble loading Stephanie Rothenberg’s pages. Whenever I clicked on a project link it would only show me weird HTML writings with scattered images upon them. Funnily enough, I at first thought that the disruption was the whole idea. […]

Week 4 – Tactical Media – Natalie Bennon

I would really like to get to know Brooke Singer. She seems passionate about many of the same things I am, basically things related to our environment. She seems primarily interested in public health as related to environmental toxins, although she also has a lot to say about the use and impact of technology in […]

Week 3 – Helen De Michiel Check-In

It was great video conferencing with the teams this week and talking about how the term projects are developing. If teams want to, please post your sites for any preliminary feedback before we meet again on November 2. Crowd-sourcing feedback in a safe place is only going to give you momentum and inspiration.

It is […]