Week 5: Amanda Eckerson

I’m interested in analyzing two forms of participatory media that seek to shift power paradigms by comparing and contrasting a focus on product (films that emphasize their content’s message) and process (films that focus on an inclusionary process to shift power dynamics). I’ll be looking at Scribe as an example of a community institution that […]

Week 2: Eckerson Reading Response –Witness vs. Precious Places

Witness is an international human rights organization that uses the power of video and storytelling to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. Their tagline is “see it, film it, change it,” and they define video advocacy as “setting specific objectives, identifying target audiences, and developing a strategic plan […]

Week 1: Natalie Bennon

Social change. Influence. Making a difference. These are the themes that, in my mind, bind all our Week 1 readings and viewings together. Storytelling that affects change.

One of the main purposes of Scribe’s Community Visions project and Precious Places videos is to give voice to people and communities that have not had a voice […]

Week 1: Kevin Hartman – Response to Readings/Videos

I made the mistake of powering through all of the reading and the videos and now find myself swimming in the deep end of the thought pool.

First, the videos and article on Scribe video and Precious Places. As a videographer I was incredibly inspired by this initiative. When we discuss transmedia and the impact […]