Week 5: Amanda Eckerson

I’m interested in analyzing two forms of participatory media that seek to shift power paradigms by comparing and contrasting a focus on product (films that emphasize their content’s message) and process (films that focus on an inclusionary process to shift power dynamics).  I’ll be looking at Scribe as an example of a community institution that uses film to engage people in an empowering process to transform communities, and I’ll be looking at Witness as an organization that uses the content of their films to change policy.  While both organizations create advocacy content, the emphasis of their organizations differs significantly.  My analysis will focus on the possibilities and limitations of creating spreadable media through each of their approaches. My initial hypothesis is that in order to activate sustainable and systemic change, media must authentically challenge power paradigms in both their process and product…the question is how to do that authentically and in a way that creates spreadable media. Questions/comments/concerns welcomed.

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2 comments to Week 5: Amanda Eckerson

  • kblack7@uoregon.edu

    This sounds like a very interesting juxtaposition of Scribe and Witness. While learning about these two approaches, I had similar questions in my mind about the effectiveness of their two distinct styles of tackling relatively the same goal, social justice and policy change. I think it will be very interesting to see if there is a connection between the effectiveness of the video, policy change, and spreadability.

  • awoodard@uoregon.edu

    I do think that’s an interesting comparison to make, Amanda–basically about who’s holding the camera? When does your mission require that participants curate their own stories, and when is it expedient to have a filmmaker step in and help? An interesting discussion.

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