1/7/17: Pacific Hall Preventative Maintenance

Building Occupants,

Building preventative maintenance has been scheduled for Tuesday, February 7th from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Please be aware that while servicing air handler units and changing air filters, air flow may be intermittent throughout the morning.

For additional information on how this may impact services please contact Bruce Budzik at 541-346-8834.

1/8/17: McKenzie Hall Preventative Maintenance

Building Occupants,

Building preventative maintenance has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 8 from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.  While servicing the air handler units and supply and exhaust fans many cause supply and exhaust air (including restrooms) to be intermittent throughout the day.

For additional information on how this might impact your services please contact Jim Cody at 541-346-2302.

Notice: Huestis Natural Gas, Lab Air, RO Water, Potable Water and Heating Water Shutdown 2/9 and 2/10 from 6 pm – 7 am

Due to the installation of new isolation valves located in the SE building riser, the below services will be interrupted in Huestis for two consecutive nights of shut-downs from 6PM-7AM on February 9, 2017, and February 10, 2017.  Utilities will be turned on during the day.  Two nights have been scheduled for the work, although the contractors may be able to complete the work in 1 night depending on progress and condition of old lines.

Natural Gas – Building Wide

Laboratory Air – Building Wide

Reverse Osmosis Water – Building Wide

Potable Cold Water – Building Wide

Potable Hot Water – Building Wide

Heating Water – 3rd floor only

This is part of the third-floor lab renovations project.  This work was scheduled overnight to limit the impact to building occupants.

For questions or concerns contact Patrick Mucker at 541-346-8216.

Restored: Elevator Shutdown Huestis

Friday, February 3, 2017 4:16 PM

Update:  Elevator service restored in Huestis 2/3/17


Building Occupants,

Due to emergency repairs, the elevator in Huestis is temporarily shut down.  Otis Elevator has responded and has ordered a replacement drive.  Restoration is unknown at this time.  A second notice will follow when services have been restored.  Huestis can still be accessed by the elevators in Willamette, Stresinger and Lewis Integrative Science.

For questions or concerns contact Rob Berg 541-346-2313.

Notice: Huestis Mechanical Hot Water Shutdown 1/7 – 1/8 6 pm – 7 am

Building Occupants,

Due to the replacement of the third-floor heating water supply and return valves, Huestis will temporarily be without mechanical heating water starting at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.  This will affect the entire building. Contractors anticipate completing work by 7:00 am on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.  This is part of the third-floor lab renovations project.  This work was scheduled overnight to limit the impact to building occupants.

For questions or concerns contact Patrick Mucker at 541-346-8216.

Delayed -1/26/17: Knight Library Steam Shutdown 1/26/17

Building Occupants,

The Steam Shutdown for the Knight Library scheduled for tomorrow, January 26, is delayed, and a new notice will be provided when the work is rescheduled.

Please contact Jana Gerow at 541-346-8317 with questions.



Due to the installation of new isolation valves and piping for the new HVAC equipment steam/condensate services to the Knight Library will be temporarily valved off  Thursday, January 26, 2017, from 7 am – 4:30 pm while contractors complete the installation.  This may affect building heat and equipment utilizing steam.

For additional information on how this may impact services, please contact Jana Gerow at 541-346-8317.

Notice: Hayward Field Cell Tower Project; Field and Access Closure

Campus Community,

Below is a list of closure dates related to the Hayward Field Cell Tower Project.

Schedule of Closures

Affected Areas: Hayward Field, Recreation Fields 3 & 4 and Hayward Field access road off of 18th Ave.

Date:  1/23/17
A large crane with 180-foot boom will arrive on site and be set up. This crane will be on site until 1/25/17.
A second crane or lift will also arrive on 1/23/17 and remain on site for approximately 4 weeks and will remain in the fenced construction area.

Date: 1/24/17 – 1/25/17
Time:  7 am – 7 pm
The vehicle, bike, and pedestrian traffic, will be restricted from where vehicles turn off of 18th to the north to access the Hayward Cell tower construction site, including a  90-foot radius around the tower as shown in the attached drawing.
Trucks with portions of the cell tower will arrive and be constructed on the foundation immediately adjacent to the cell tower building which is under construction between the hammer throw area and recreation field #3.  Following the raising of the tower, the crane will be disassembled and removed from the site.

Date:  2/6/17 – 2/7/17
Time: 7 am – 7pm
Trucks with the remaining cell tower portions will arrive and be constructed.
A third large crane will arrive and remain onsite until 2/7/17.


To ensure the safety of the campus community traffic control barriers, signage, and flaggers will be in place.  Please avoid this area during the above-listed dates.

For questions about this project, please contact Jana Gerow at 541-346-6837.


1/16/17 – 6/30/17: Streisinger Loading Dock – GBC Construction Staging

Campus Community,

Attached you will find a diagram of Lot 12B on the north side of Streisinger Hall showing ‘GBC Construction’ staging for the construction of the Klamath Hall 2nd Floor Core Remodel. Monday, January 16th GBC will place their job trailer and begin to occupy the areas shown. The project is scheduled to complete June 2017 at which time the trailer, dumpster, and fencing will be removed.

The loading dock will remain open for use. The attached layout has been approved by the City of Eugene Fire Marshall and UO Parking Services. The utility hole located in parking stall 14 will remain accessible to CPS.

Thank you,

Denise Stewart, CPFM Construction Project Manager

dstewart@uoregon.edu Phone: 541-346-2280

Lot 12B 8-23-16 (3)-2b51lxr

New Zone Map & Launch of Zone D January, 2017

Campus Community,

On January 3, 2017, Capital Planning and Facilities Management, Facilities Services will be rolled out a new Zone structure.  Attached is the new coverage area including a new Zone D.  We are adding a zone to our current structure as a way to be more responsive and provide a higher level of support across campus while providing more specialized support to specific areas such as the sciences and our data centers.  Facilities Services brought Kevin Farthing on board summer 2016 to Supervise our new Zone D.  Kevin comes to us with previous Zone experience from the city and an engineering background.  The process for work requests will not change, to submit requests contact Customer Service Center at 541-346-2319 csc@uoregon.edu.

Chris Meade Co, Interim Director of Facilities Services cmeade@uoregon.edu

Bruce Budzik, Co, Interim Director of Facilities Services bbbudzik@uoregon.edu


1/28/17: Notice of Crane Placement, Franklin Lane Closure and LISB 4th Floor Closure

Update: 1/19/17

We have determined that the structural elements of the building far exceed safety requirements for the load we are moving with the crane, so the 4th-floor closure is not required.


Campus Community,

Due to the installation of a replacement motor for the smoke evacuation system fan on Lewis Integrative Science Complex, the two north-eastbound lanes of Franklin will be temporarily closed on Saturday, January 28, 2017, from 7 am – 5 pm for crane staging and operation.  This closure will also affect the pedestrian path under the grand oaks, and the exit from the east fire stair‎ (except during emergency egress).  These areas will be monitored to prevent entrance into the work zone. Contractors will be on site providing traffic and pedestrian control.  The 4th floor east wing of Lewis Integrative Science Complex will be temporarily closed during the placement of the motor to ensure the safety of the campus community. As part of this work, it is necessary to test the smoke evacuation system which will cause windows and doors to automatically open. These will close when the testing is complete.

For questions regarding this project contact Bruce Budzik at 541-346-8834.



Extended & New Date and Time: Pacific Hall Corridor Abatement

Update: 1/9/17

Due to continued inclement weather and to limit the impact to building occupants the contractor will begin set up January 10th after 2 pm and has scheduled the ceiling cleaning and hallway closures for off hours, after 5 pm on January 10th and 11th.

If you have question or concerns, please contact Jen Miley, Research Manager, Capital Planning and Facilities Management at  541-346-1530 office 317-956-0640 cell.


Update: 1/6/17

This work has been extended into next week.  Starting Monday morning the contractor will be onsite working above the corridor ceilings.  The work will begin in the basement and then move to the first and second floors.  This work will include removal of minor asbestos insulation debris.  The areas below the ceilings will not be an abatement area, but building occupants should temporarily avoid the corridors during this cleanup work.  Signage will be at each end of the hallway that will indicate the temporary closure.  Only one hallway will be closed at a time.

If you have question or concerns, please contact Jen Miley, Research Manager, Capital Planning and Facilities Management at  541-346-1530 office 317-956-0640 cell.


Building Occupants,

In preparation for the renovation of the laboratories on the basement, first and the second floor of the south wing of Pacific Hall, we will be closing the south portion of each of these the hallways for a week at a time, to perform floor tile removal (see attached plans for affected areas).

The schedule for this work is:

Basement: December 19th- 23rd

Second Floor: December 26th – 30th

First Floor: January 2nd – 6th

Except for access to occupied spaces within the project area, these hallways will be closed to traffic for this time.

In the weeks following the abatement work, the project will erect semi-permanent partitions, blocking these corridors (except for access to occupied spaces) to begin demolition and construction.

This project will run through 2017 and into the beginning of 2018. Access from Pacific Hall to Onyx Bridge will remain open through the construction project.

If you have question or concerns, please contact Jen Miley, Research Manager

1/11/17: Notice of Crane Work Related to the Knight Library HVAC Project

Campus Community,

As part of the Knight Library HVAC project, on January 11, 2017, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. contractors will be placing a crane to lift steel beams approximately 20 feet in length onto the Knight Library roof, by picking them off of trucks in the area of the crane.  The actual pick time of the steel is scheduled between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. However the crane will be delivered and set up, and steel trucks will be arriving around 9:00 a.m.

This will affect access to the sidewalks east of the Knight Library, the drive behind Gerlinger Annex and the Gerlinger Annex side yard.

For questions or concerns regarding this notice, please contact Jana Gerow at 970-640-0176.