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  1. Great Cinematography achieved in a day.

    January 22, 2014 by

    The Glint from Mathieumaury on Vimeo.

    There is something about this piece that struck a chord with me. Maybe because of the fact that the filmmaker shot this in one day (which doesn’t look impossible). But it goes to show that if you truly think out your shots and capture all of the details, then all you need is one shoot and you nailed it. Like this. Although I am aware that this is an advertisement, it is also a much deeper piece entirely. For those of you really looking to focus on lighting for this term, I think that this video does an impressive job of using  a low-light situation to their advantage. The lighting in the garage is very purposeful, so it doesn’t feel fake or forced, yet it adds a dramatic effect to all of the close ups. It also allows for the camera to pick up all of the sparks flying off of the metals, which I think added to the dreamy feel of the film.

    The above the action shots in this piece were really powerful to me. I like that the filmmaker chose to create frames that were a change from the typical break down of a scene. For example, when the motorcycle comes out of the garage at 1:00, I really liked the small moment that it created where the biker hesitates before he really takes off, as if deciding which path he will take.  I was also very impressed with all of the tracking shots on the motorcycle. I think that the filmmaker definitely used picturesque roads to his advantage (the tree lined lane and the rolling clouds behind the tall grass fields).


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