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February 28, 2014 by   

So, Wes suggested I watch this video when he and I talked about some ideas for my own project, and I thought I’d post it to highlight a scene of “first person” storytelling about 1 minute from the end. Although I appreciate that the filmmaker kept it to a short segment (I think there’s more impact as a result), I really like what looks like a GoPro on someone’s head–switching from steady shots to the shaky image a boxer would see stepping through the ropes, it immediately put me in the headspace of someone about to get punched in the face.

I also like the pacing of this sequence, because it supports the messaage. With the quick succession of “first person” shots mixed with tight shots and a few others composed with objects in the foreground, the result for me is a bit of a frenzy. Considering my own piece, I think what I want to communicate in one sequence isn’t a frenzy so much as the rhythm you get into when you’re skating laps, but the lessons here do translate. I like the feeling of speed I capture when I hold my camera while skating, so by weaving a couple of these shots together with action and detail, I’m excited to see if I can emulate this short in its ability to capture physical sensation.

In The Now: NPPA Immersion Project from James Gregg on Vimeo.


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