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  1. Venezuela’s Inflated Vision of Beauty

    November 29, 2013 by

    This multimedia piece by the New York Times is a great example of the journalistic pieces we are currently producing. Many of the shots in this piece are done in a clever way that helps convey the idea of the title, since most of the subjects being interviewed are discussing the culture of women’s bodies in Venezuala while they are surrounded by the altered mannequins, are adjusting the shapes of the mannequins, or are getting work done to their own body.

    We have the two camera interview set up at the beginning that the producers cut to throughout the piece, as well as single camera and action interviews along the way, so it’s a great piece for reference when contemplating using a mix of interview styles. The surgery shots are grotesquely powerful, and the constant shots of mannequin bodies piled on one another or stacked in a shed remind us just how superficial and manufactured our idea of beauty can be.

  2. Interactive Multimedia Feature from NY Times

    October 16, 2013 by

    As technology continues to grow and change around us, Multimedia is an ever-evolving mechanism of storytelling. As we are all discovering, that may come in many different shapes and platforms to maximize how we understand and effectively absorb the material. I found the NY Times article Syrian Refugees in Lebanon┬áto be a very powerful and contextualizing form of multimedia. Now this is not quite a form of “Snowfall” but it provides us with a great example of a smaller scale and more simplified version of the same general idea. The Times presents stories from three different families who have been fled from Syria to Lebanon in attempts to escape the horrors they left behind. I particularly like the interactive photograph of the families in their home because it allows the viewer to see an entire 360 degree view around the room (oftentimes the only room shared amongst multiple families). It gave me a sense of perspective on exactly how big the room was and how many people were sharing that space on a daily basis. Overall, I think this is an effective piece of Multimedia Journalism and left me with an overall feeling of empathy for these people that have lost their homes to warfare.

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