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  1. Adventure without Words

    October 15, 2013 by

    Adventure Is Calling from Shane Black on Vimeo.

    For this week I went back to the Viemo staff picks page, now mind you that was not my intention, I was planning on going on a search for something but one of the first videos there caught my eye and my imagination.  The video “Adventure is Calling” is a five minute long piece of several time lapse shots by Shane Black.  Now this is would normally be something that isn’t that inspiring until you read the story behind it.  Black and two of his friends left their jobs of six years to travel around the country in a truck, camping out and basically seeing what this world has to offer.  Now don’t tell me no one of us have ever had dreams of packing everything up and going on an adventure.  I maybe dream of it once a year myself, and that is what is so inspiring about this these guys just did it, and these images of the mountains, deserts, and forests are what they have to show for it.

    Look i’m a sucker for good timelapse photography.  I love being able to watch the world fly by in a matter of seconds in what takes hours.  Putting the camera on a dolly to move it while the sky moved around as well added an extra dimension to the piece and the shot itself.  The scenery is of course what makes the video as it is all scenery, just the beauty and the backdrop of the great outdoors.

    The other reason this video grabbed me was because there was no talking in the video, all of the images are set to a rock song that perfectly captures the majesty of the environment.  Since we are focusing on our stories without words this week and next I thought this would be an interesting video to share and talk about.   It really does tell a story of travel and discovery, the protagonist is the environment, and how it is vastly different across the country and world.  I hope you watch this and feel as good as I did when I watched, now if you’ll  excuse me I have a sudden urge to go for a hike.

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