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  1. Jarritos Gringos Commerical (ACE 2)

    October 16, 2013 by

    This is inspiring to me 1) because it’s funny 2) because it was made without a big production company 3) I know them…and this makes me think that all is, indeed, possible.

    In terms of production quality with one camera and no budget, I appreciate a number of parts of this video.

    1) The first is the use of the 1,2,3 in the opening scene that gets closer and closer to the singer’s face.  They break up the jump cut with a blur, which makes it feel authentic.

    2) I also appreciate how it’s clear that they’ve staged it, and have long scenes where the camera is following them down an aisle and keeping them framed well, going around corners of fruit. It just seems like they’ve got a tight space to work with but they’re creating all sorts of dynamic shots.

    3) They greenscreened. Love it.


    Jarritos Gringos Commercial from Elizabeth Shapiro on Vimeo.

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