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Week 5 Inspiration – Foley & Sound Design

February 23, 2014 by Makare   

We’ve had a couple discussions around how to use sound design and the capturing of audio that can push a story forward so I thought I’d share a couple videos that highlight in an entertaining way how you can change the context of a video with audio.

For the record, I really wish I had thought about doing my sound design projects in film school the same way. While I had a ton of fun redoing the audio in Jaws, I think cutting out the original audio of a music video and doing sound replacement to it is genius, and it really makes some drastic changes to the feeling of the video.

These videos are shown for artistic and entertainment purposes, which can be in conflict with the ethical guidelines that we heard during Peter Laufer’s course recently. There is a definite fine line that we as journalists have to be cognizant of as we produce pieces. Should you ever have questions relating to whether or not you are pushing ethical boundaries with the way you use any of the media you produce you can always reference The Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

My personal opinion is that sound design (the specific manipulation of sound) is bordering on breaking ethical guidelines, but that if the use of sound design, or foley does not change the context within the story, and provides a richer environment for the viewing public to learn from and engage with your story it can be used, provided there is some transparency in the way you tell your story to account for the use of the effects.



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