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This is a longer video than usual, but I think sampling even just the first five minutes is well worth our time. Something I find noteworthy is that Wonder pulled compelling footage (not to mention great audio) from extreme conditions where he needed to be able to both run with and hide his equipment. He used one of those camera mounts that you press into your shoulder, which he claims “was really great at being there when I needed it but also staying out of the way.” I’d agree: he manages to jog and scramble over obstacles with his camera running, and then transitions seamlessly to steady shots when he stops. Something to think about when we’re considering gear?

I also appreciated the interview style of the film, in that Wonder is clearly present as a subject, yet leaves his own voice out. The choice puts Duncan in the position of tour guide, which helps lead the audience through the narrative while also ensuring that our focus stays with Duncan’s experience rather than that of the filmmaker.

As a final note, I think the interview at 19:28 is composed beautifully, and is a good example of when the details of a setting are important enough to outweigh the benefits of a clean background.

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

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    I love the unanswered questions in here! What space will they go looking in next? Will they get caught? Will they get injured… and die?! I also thought it was nice that it is called “undercity” but ends with them climbing to the top of the bridge. The visible spaces can be just as inaccessible and mysterious as the invisible ones.

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