Week 1: Mike Plett response to reading/viewings

Social change through collaboration seemed to be the strongest theme connecting both the transmedia hangout discussion and the work being done at Scribe Video.

Although I’ve been living in a world of transmedia like everyone else, I’ve never heard of the term until this class. The concept of transmedia is still a bit fuzzy to […]

Week 1: Jarratt Taylor – Response to Google Hangout/Scribes Piece

The ability to dance in different worlds and have industries converge seems to be a major theme of transmedia.

Independent filmmakers who work at Scribe, and who typically might do a lot of their filmmaking on their own, must now work with people who don’t know much about filmmaking and don’t have the traditional tools […]

Week 1: Responding to Transmedia – Jamie Schaub

Building connections across platforms was the unifying thread that weaved all of commentators’ ideas about transmedia, together. Of course there was plenty discussion on the different opinions about what the definition of transmedia is, debate if transmedia should even be called transmedia (crossmedia; multiplatform), the difference between Hollywood transmedia (for profit marketing) and community storytelling […]

Week 1: Melissa De Lyser

The Scribe Video Center and the panelists involved in the Transmedia discussion are all about giving a voice to groups and issues that would otherwise be unheard. For example, Jo Elle Kaiser of the Media Consortium said the organizations’ goal was to direct public discourse to compel people to action. The example she provided regarding […]