Response to Readings and Viewings_Summer Hatfield

My respect for multimedia as a powerful tool was first piqued after the Arab Spring began. It blew my mind that so much could be accomplished via platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Even still, I’ve always avoided them like the plague, I think because I never really saw how they could apply to my life […]

Week 1: Adam King Response to Readings/Viewings

As a completely no-holds-barred liberal, both the Phillips reading and the Transmedia video have caused me to consider the role of the conservative stance in media. In many ways, it seems as if the right-wing ethos is in and of itself a complete opposition to the term “news.” As Massiah says in terms of the […]

Week 1 – Workshop Announcement

Just a note to let you know that we will begin our Saturday session tomorrow (Oct 5) promptly at 10am in the 3rd floor classroom in the Turnbull Center, White Stag Building.

Our guest speaker, Louis Massiah, Executive Director of the Scribe Video Center in Philadelphia (see bio on Week One link) will be skyping […]

Week One: Adam King Introduction

Hey there everybody. I’m a little late to the game here as I still get this whole duckweb ball rolling, but quite clearly I’m taking this class so I can get a stronger grasp on participating with media, and antecedently with my participatory media class.

Throughout my undergrad years, I had never considered journalism as […]

Week 1: Emily Priebe Introduction

My first book was published at the age of five to sparkling reviews. Of course the cliché tale of damsels in distress was crafted in the crudely shaped, pencil letters of a kindergartner, on lined sheets of paper awkwardly stapled together; but nonetheless it was a hit. And if the adoring approbation of your parents […]

Week 1: Kevin Gaboury – Reading/viewing response

After viewing the discussion on transmedia storytelling, I had a couple of thoughts I wanted to share. The first is on whether video games can have a social impact. There’s no denying the popularity and huge influence of video games. I think the new Grand Theft Auto game made more than $800 million in sales […]

Week 1-Summer Hatfield Intro

Hi! Although I’ve always had an interest in writing and storytelling, and have always kept up on the news, I am fairly new to the world of professional journalism, at least in the most common sense of the word. I started in college as an art major, and got my first degree in fine arts. […]

Week 1: Lauren Marie Paterson – Transmedia, Scribe Video, and Reading Response

I noticed a few main similarities between the Transmedia hangout discussion and the Precious Places work being done at Scribe Video in Philidelphia.

The first, was the overall theme of story – particularly, personal stories. Louisa Dantes talked about amassing footage during the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, using “layered collaborative narratives” from locals to spark […]

Week 1: Lindsey Newkirk

My name is Lindsey and I am in the Strategic Communications program as I have recently moved on from life as an entrepreneur in order to broaden my platform in sustainability communications. While I landed a great transition job working in sustainability communications at a local venue, am eager to expand my work to include […]

Week 1: Jarratt Taylor – Response to Google Hangout/Scribes Piece

The ability to dance in different worlds and have industries converge seems to be a major theme of transmedia.

Independent filmmakers who work at Scribe, and who typically might do a lot of their filmmaking on their own, must now work with people who don’t know much about filmmaking and don’t have the traditional tools […]