Services & Equipment Included in Glassware Membership

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      Media Room Glassware Delivery & Processing – pick up, process, sterilize and re-shelve glassware and equipment.  Also included in this service are:  carts, tubs and counter top containers, used for glassware storage until used items are picked up for processing.  Our items may also be used to supplement the inventory of labs that own their own glassware.

      Lab Owned Glassware Delivery & Processing – pick up, process, sterilize and re-shelve glassware and equipment.  All Lab owned items will be kept separate from the Media Room inventory and returned to individual labs.  Labs may opt to have items returned clean or foiled, plugged &/or sterilized.

      Pipettes pick up, process, sterilize, re-shelve sterile serological glass pipettes.  Includes supply of pipette buckets to store used pipettes, which we will clean and maintain each day that we pick up your used glassware.

      Mark and maintain glassware shelves in individual labs

      Process delicate specialty items that require hand washing and hand rinsing

     Process non-soap equipment & glassware – pick up, process, sterilize and re-shelve items requiring no exposure to soap products.  Items will be kept separate from standard processed glassware.

     Autoclaving – sterilizing services are available to both labs signed up for glassware services and to researchers located elsewhere on campus or in the local research community.  Those not partcipating in recurring services will be charged per autoclave run.  


Available Glassware:

      Pipettes – supply is included in glassware charge & assessment.  We have a supply of serological pipettes in multiple sizes:  25ml, 10ml, 5ml. 1ml, 0.1ml.  Sterilized Pasteur pipettes are also available upon request.

      Glassware – items include (but are not limited to):  flasks, 10ml – 6000ml (erlenmeyer, boiling, culture, filter, volumetric; foiled, capped or plugged); graduates, 10ml – 4000ml; bottles, 25ml – 5000ml and beakers, 10ml – 4000ml.  Most items are autoclavable and available in both Polypropylene and Borosilicate glass.

      Miscellaneous velvets, funnels, stir bars, baking dishes, vials, porcelain funnels, mortar & pestles, side-arm flasks and various specialty items (please contact us for a more comprehensive list).


Additional Available Glassware Items:

The Media Room also has a supply of items that are available but charged individually due to being non-reusable or requiring special handling:  

     Tubes – the Media Room has a variety of tubes to offer.  Labs may opt to have us stock their shelves with sterile racks of plastic and/or metal cap dilution tubes (20x150mm) and racks of plating tubes (13x100mm).   We also have a supply of less frequently used specialty tubes – please contact us to see what inventory is available.  Baskets and empty racks are available for storage.  Individual labs may opt to have the Media Room process their own tubes & return them.  

      Toothpicks – sterile beakers of round and flat toothpicks are available for delivery or check out.

      Wood Applicator sticks – racks or individual tubes of sterile sticks are available for delivery or check out. 

      Cotton Swabs – racks or individual tubes of sterile swabs are available for delivery or check out. 

      Corex tubes we clean and treat corex tubes with Aquasil.  Available in 30ml and 15ml sizes.  Items charged by rack.


Available Equipment:

      Autoclaves 2 large vessels (approximately 28h x 21w x 47l) and 1 small (approximately 18h x 18w x 31l).  We offer autoclaving services both to our campus labs and individual researchers in the community.

      Drying Oven this oven is run throughout the day drying our glassware.  Temperature is set to approximately 150°C.

      Baking Oven this oven is run each night for approximately 12 hours.  It is used to dry sterilize items such as pipettes and metal cap tubes.  Temperature is set to approximately 188°C.

      Hi-Temperature Dishwasher this washer is run without soap throughout the day, waters are super-heated to create a final soap-free water washing process for our glassware and tubes.

      Incubators we have two incubators that are used to both dry autoclaved items and to maintain agar media in a liquid state.  Temperatures are kept at approximately 50°C.

      Pumps we have three mechanized pumps that are able aliquot liquid and agar media into bottles or plates.  These are currently not available to general use.

      pH meter we have one pH meter that is used to pH liquid media recipes.  If you would like to utilize our pH meter come see us in Room 241 Klamath and we will assist you.

     Steam Kettle  we have one steam heated kettle that is used to make our High Agar Cornmeal fly food.  This kettle is able to produce up to 50L of media at one time.  This kettle is currently not available to general use.