FlyFood Pricing & Billing

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Billing Procedures

     On-Campus LabsBilling for the Fly Food facility is conducted on a monthly basis. Each lab’s monthly usage is calculated by the number of trays of bottles and/or vials checked out by their personnel.  Monthly charges will be billed out by the IMB Accounting office (see Contacts page). 


     Off-Campus Researchers – Fly Food check out is available to off-campus labs.  (Currently Glassware Service is not offered to off-campus labs).  Before signing out items individual researchers or companies from the community should contact our accounting department (see Contacts page) to ensure that an account can be created to process any invoices that accumulate over the billing period. After your account and contact information is established you may contact the Media Room to request assistance in checking out items. 



     Monthly charges for Fly Food fluctuate in reflection of the changes in the monthly costs of supplies and costs of operation.  

     This facility is intended to support research projects at the U of O.  However, to support researchers in our community and to encourage scientific exploration, items are available for purchase to individuals outside of campus.  At this time the majority of operational costs are recovered from grants awarded to U of O researchers.  Fees for non-U of O users are higher than are those for U of O research projects, including but not limited to the University’s External Customer Overhead Assessment fee.


 2019 – 2020 Pricing Guide ***

1 tray of vials (approximately 165ea), Douglass recipe – $37.17

1 tray of bottles (approximately 24ea), Douglass recipe – $20.17

   *** Please note that our prices are subject to change as the costs of our materials fluctuate.

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